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Post by Aikou Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:02 pm

    All is well between the fire nation, earth kingdom, water tribes, kyoshi warriors, outlaws and the air nomads as the Fire Nation is no longer ready to destroy the rest of the nations as their leader is dead by now and Azula died in prision. Peace has been all well between the four nations and no wars are going to break out, or so people have known. Some people have let their guard down as some nations, such as the wise Air Nomads and the fortune-telling Water Tribals, who read fortunes from the stars and such, have put their guard up meaning this is when the war will break out and things will start up again.

    As this began to happen, tension rose up between more nations who said they were starting war. The Fire Nation lashed out towards the Water Tribe for setting out ice chunks around their main tribes to fend out war ships to get to them, saying that they wanted to start war. With this, the Fire Nation called duties to the Outlaws, paying them to take over the Water Tribals. This was recently figured out and the Outlaws have to strike or the Fire Nation will take them out once finding the Forest Country they live in. Meanwhile, other countries are going to find a place in the war.

    With the alliance between the Earth Kingdom and the island of Kyoshi, their decision was to side with the Fire Nation and try to take out the Water Tribe and Air Nomads, who were going to do the best to fend off themselves. First strike was towards the Water Tribes which was going to be the first battle. Next was the attack towards the Air Nomads which could go either way as the second battle. the final battle could be anywhere as sides could change and more crazy things could happen. There is one reason for this war, which is unknown.

    Meanwhile the island Avatar Nagato is training on is not known at the time and therefore he is uninformed of the war. This could cause even more havoc and maybe even an attack on him. With a new Fire-Earth-Kyoshi alliance against the Water-Air group, who have their defenses raised, Avatar Nagato may have to get out of this training early and go to help on the water. As before, he was only up to Earth and he hasn't mastered Fire bending meaning that he might be abled to be taken over with fire nation attacks, or maybe even the lightning upgrade.

    Things changed as Fire and Water now made a new-found alliance, as the Outlaws didn't come threw. The Outlaws were recently taken out of the picture which now leaves Kyoshi and Earth to target the Air Nomads and Fire and Water open, ready to brace themselves for anything that might come their way. Although their alliance isn't finalized yet, there are rumors they may side with the Air Nomads to fend off Kyoshi and Earth from trying to destroy them.

    Although things haven't been cleared up recently, the Fire Nation has given their real reason for exposing this war, getting Avatar Nagato killed enabling the next avatar to be a Fire bender, giving them power, if he would use his powers the way the country wanted rather then the way he should. Although this could be a cover-up as the Air Benders have been hiding a secret artifact in their grounds, rumored to be in the Western Air Temple. This is a potion brewed by the nomads that could cause great harm if you don't take it under the conditions. IT is unknown what to do, but each nation has a potion and this is the first one to finally be brewed up and revealed.
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