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Ranking System Empty Ranking System

Post by Aikou Fri Jul 17, 2009 6:41 am

    NOVICE: Novice is the first rank is your rank upon being a member of this site and joining. A novice may have some skills and is basically a beginner bender, needing some skills and training. You could either stay and remain a Novice or become a higher rank. To move up from Novice, you need to win one battle.

    WARRIOR IN TRAINING: The name is self-explainatory. Before becoming a warrior you are a warrior in training. You could learn some more advanced skills and sometimes be able to get a weapon made from your element. To advance from Warrior In Training to Warrior you have to compete in the tournament avilable to all Warrior In Training's from all 5 lands, and win two battles from there in a double-knockout tournament.

    WARRIOR: A warrior is a fight for their land and a proud representative. They can compete in wars and earn battles and techniques from their leaders view and decression. Warrior is a hard rank to obtain and sometimes is the longest rank that people stay in. Rules state that once a warrior, you are strong enough to wear village arms or armor.

    GENERAL: At the leaders choice, a warrior could be promoted to general, or their co-leader. With this you get a spot on the council during meetings, at a head chair. Also in leaders death or illness you take over the spot. A hard spot to gain and you could only advance to it at leaders choice. Most leaders came from the General rank after the leader risked themselves or died in battle.

    LORD, LEADER, ECT: This is the highest rank of all the people in your land. With this rank you take on an oath to defend your people at all heights and promise to risk yourself for the land if you must. Lord is a hard rank to obtain and you could learn and create secret forbidden techniques. You could also create wars and run the war plans. The most important part is taking on the leadership andl eading your land to elite.
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