Fire Nation Styles

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Fire Nation Styles

Post by Fire lord Daisuke on Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:18 am

This is a list of fire nation techniques that only the given rank can use.

Name:Lightning Bending
Description:Basically the ability to create lightning with your to finger tips (index finger and middle finger) either both hands or one.
Rank: Prodigies

Name:Fire daggers
Description:Form fire blades in each hand that can be used in close combat. They are completely made of fire and are held pointing downwards.
Rank:Any fire benders

Name:Fire Ball
Description:A basic fire missile that is small but quite powerful.
Rank:Any fire benders

Name:Fire Whip
Description:You form a whip that is used to be swiped at any opponent which can cause burn and gashes.

Name:Dragons Breath
Description:You breathe out a extremely hot and powerful amount of fire from your lungs.

Name:Ring of Fire
Description:Form a small ring of fire around you that expands in all directions until it hits something
Rank:Any fire benders

Name:Fire orb
Description: A stronger version of Ring of fire that is instead of a ring, an orb forms around you and stretches outwards.

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