Aikou Lee of Kyoshi

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Aikou Lee of Kyoshi

Post by Aikou on Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:45 pm

Name of Character: Aikou Lee

Age Of Character: 19

Desired Nation: Kyoshi Warrior

Character Personality: Aikou Lee is a beautiful Kyoshi warrior, the head of the warriors, that used to care mostly on her apperance. Whether what to wear or how to wear her hair, she was always wondering about one thing her apperance.This used to flip most people off, but she loved it with a passion. She has a great desire for fighting as seen in her childhood. She is not an easy suceeder but never gives up. From that, she is charmful and level-headed, always keeping her cool no matter what happens. This easy laid-back style runs in her family.

Character Background: Aikou Lee was born to baker Hana Seitsu, but her sername came from her father San Lee who was an airbender, gifting her with partial air-bending abilities she didn't discover or train until she was General. Her name comes from the japanese translation of love. Her parents ran the most famous bakery in the whole island and she grew up with her stylish self. She was always said to be beautiful, which is the reason for her name. She had no intentions of becoming a Kyoshi Warrior until she saw a training session while taking a walk one day. After this, she signed up for Novice academy, on the opposite side of the island. Her parents disapproved but after two grueling years of learning and training she offically became a Novice. She went to battle for days. It wasn't until her ninth battle where she won. The opponent threw their fan out and blew her off balance, but she quickly got to balance and met their fan. She over-powered them, making them stumble over then nailing the fan into stomach in order to take the match, becoming a WT at age 11.

After this she was a Warrior in Training and she came back home to help her wing. Her parents got upset of this buts he stilled worked at the bakery part-time as her parents seemed to support her some-what. It took her four years to finally go to the tournament and get enough courage to compete. The 15 year old Aikou went and fought with the best, only winning one battle and losing the next two consectiuvely. She went back home disapointed and honed her skills even more, taking a test from the Kyoshi Warriors two days after her 16th birthday and passing, as she got the ability to wield a Kyoshi sword. The next tournament, which was held twice a year, she entered in the same year and this time wowed the audience with two straight wins. She was now offically a Kyoshi Warrior.

At her warrior ceremony, the leader offically put the face-paint on her, declaring her a warrior. They handed her a uniform and an upgraded fan that was actually bigger and stronger then the Novice fan. She then was given the hairstyle that she may wear, two ponytails tied into braids. This was her first day as a Kyoshi Warrior. Nearly a few months after that, the Kyoshi Islands were attacked by a small group of rogue warriors with butcher knives as weapons. This war went on, as they burned down the Kyoshi main village in succesion, but the Kyoshi Warrior's took them down. It was Aikou, in her first war who read their leaders movements perfectly and reveresed his stab to their leader in rapid succesion,sending it back towards his chest, killing him.

It was after thatshe was entered in the council of 7 Warriors, 5 of who could be the next General. After the General was reported with an illness, they decided to have a 5 woman tournament in order to name the next General. Aikou got the bye in the first round in which 2 other girls got to fight and she got thrown in with a 3-way battle. They all targeted her as the newbie and the person who didn't earn the spot, getting a bye but they forget the Kyoshi grace as Aikou read the movement knocking both girls off their feet, one hitting the wall, the other hitting into her naming her general.

Then she had a great battle with a member of the Fire Prodigy group. In the middle of the jungle, she was sent by Kyoshi to retrieve the hidden jewel there, that would give them the ultimate defense mechanisim which was unknown at the time. Then she faced him, he had the easy advantage by using both fire and lightning against her lone kantana. She did her best to fend off and got hit with some minor techniques. She used Dance of the Kimono, a sacred technique using dual fans. He still used fire under the fans, burning both fans. With his unleashed power, he seemed to forget what he came for as she retrieved the jewel. Fending him off, he then had her a kill point. Striking a lightning bolt down at her, she simply rolled out of the way and deflected it off the metal part of the fan, releasing the fan. She escaped with the jewel.

After retrieving this, the Fire Nation released a minor attack and kept her and all the warriors prisoner. They escaped the prison under new personas, not wearing the mask and wearing regular merchant clothes. Here it when Aikou learned a new sword style which basically increased her skills until she found out the leader was killed. As General, she took the leader position now and currentl leads the Kyoshi warriors to this day.
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