Fire lord Daisuke

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Fire lord Daisuke

Post by Fire lord Daisuke on Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:20 pm

Name of Character: Daisuke Izume

Age Of Character: 21

Desired Nation: Fire

Character Personality: Mysterious, and calm, peaceful but will do anything to protect and serve the fire nation.

Character Background:(2+ paragraphs)
Well known for being the most mature of kids in class and his group of friends, Fire lord Daisuke is well known through out the world but not just because he is fire lord but also because he was a veteran general of the taking down the wall of ba sing se. Not just known for that but he was also the most loyal,powerful, and wise of his four other brothers and 1 sister. After being watched by the previous fire lord, his father, in a one on one death match fighting his brother and killing him his father made him fire lord. That is also where he figured out the use of lightning bending.
Fire lord Daisuke
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