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Kain Toufang

Post by Kain Matsudo on Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:18 pm

Name of Character:Kain Toufang

Age Of Character:22

Desired Nation:Air Nomads

Character Personality:Kain is a gentle and friendly person at heart, although when his resolve is tested he becomes a brutal and ruthless fighter. His belief in the virtues of happy living have descended down to him from his master. Kain is a nice person, but gentle he is not, when it comes to keeping stability he will try his hardest and kill without any remorse, contrary to the teachings and beliefs of most other airbenders.

Character Background:(2+ paragraphs)After the destruction and annihalation of the air nomads, there were still other airbenders who were away during the slaughter of their comrades, even after avatar Aang defeated the self proclaimed Phoenix King, There were still bands of fire nation soldiers that roamed the earth kingdom and seas that still beared ill-will towards the other nations, And while he was in the prime of his teens his camp of a few dozen airbenders were attacked by rogue firenation soldiers and firebenders, Kain was first to meet their charge. They were shocked to meet other airbenders that were still alive so they were easily defeated. Happy that they were diverted, Kain became dedicated to the survival of the airbenders, and due to his ability to lead them back to their Air Temples, they proclaimed his Grand Monk, as the years passed other bands of lost Airbenders appeared and they thrived and prospered back into society and to become a powerful nation yet again.

Soon they were approached by many who were wondering about them, even Avatar Aang had approached them in joy that there were still some left, But at that time Avatar Aang was an old man. Kain was happy to learn more complicated Airbending moves and styles from the old airbender, Which he stepped down from his title to give back to the Avatar. Soon came the time when Avatar Aang died in his sleep as an old man, Before his passing he returned leadership of the Air Nomads back to Kain. As the years passed and Kain became a more powerful bender and more reliable leader, he eventually allowed the Airbenders to again travel the world and return to their respective Air Temples, While houndreds left to go back to their temples. Kain stayed at the northern Air temple where he now resides with his followers.
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