The Beach of The Island of Jin

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The Beach of The Island of Jin

Post by Kain Matsudo on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:58 am

Riding in on a large wave of air while air-surfing on his glider, Kain noticed that he was reaching land rapidly. Having been at sea for awhile, he had to get away from the duties of leading the Northern Air Temple for awhile, it was vexing having to make orders and keep order around the place it was only a matter of time until it became almost unbearable, but that was the duty of being the leader. He shook the thoughts from his head as he dismounted his glider an jumped into the air doing a few flips while spinning in the air then landing firmly on the ground with smile and his cape and hair flowing in the air. He tried not to notice the group of girls looking at him and blushing, but he couldn't help it as he spun his glider and closed the wings inward to change it back into a staff. The beach was beautiful as waves flowed onto the beach and the water glistened in the bright sun with no clouds in the sky. There was a slight breeze that carried the scent of a fresh cook meal, Kain couldn't resist as he walked to the hotel to check in.

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