Southern Raiders Trainning Ground's

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Southern Raiders Trainning Ground's

Post by LT.Roku on Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:15 pm

Roku Walk's into the traninng ground with two other Southern Raiders right behind him but stopping at the door turning around an standing there like gaurd's.Roku had on his southern raiders uniform on,walking up an pic of fire lord Daisuke.Looking at it for a second Roku bow's to the pic to show a sign of respect even know that he wasn't there,but after doing that Roku walks to the middle of the feild takes his fire bending stance breathing hard he get's ready to show him self worthy to be a lightning bender.Roku closes his eyes as he focus his Fire bending in his lung's breathing in then letting go quickly opening his eyes blowing out a massive amout of fire out of his mouth.

Quickly trying not to wast any time Roku starts to focus his bending around his hands then holding his hand up to the sun.Not to long ofter that was done a fire whip formed into his Roku's hand.Swinging it around his head he wraps the whip around one of the door's that where out side pulling back an opening the door.

Letting go of the whip it vanishes into the air as Roku takes his stance once again focusing his fire bending around his hand and lungs again taking a deep berath then blowing out a small fire but powerfull ball into the sky vanishing once gets to a sirten level.

Turnning around his beinding is already be focused around his hand quickly oneping his hand as a long fire blade forms in his hand an he trows it at the wall going straight threw an coming out the other side right next to the other Southern Raiders head o.o.
Quickly after it went threw the wall the wall started melting then also vanishes but u could still see the whole that the hot blade went threw

Quickly walking back to the middle of the feild focusing his bending in both of his hands this time alright time to work on that move that my father and i had been working on every day tell he passed on moving both of his hands around in the air in shape of a circle.Fire starts to form in the air moving the same way that his hands where moving,Then putting both of his hands in front of his face Roku pushes towads the fire causing all of the fire that had been around him to go flying into a wall imeddely melthing the wall cuz of how much fire had been involed in it.Roku with a slight smile on his face stits down thinking about his fahter yes,fahter i finaly did it u would be proud of my wouldn't u Roku said in his head then looked up into the sky but back down and just stat there think about how,when and where he should go raid first

(that last move i did
this is what is looks like)


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