Reg The Reaper. ( work in progress.)

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Reg The Reaper. ( work in progress.)

Post by Reg The Reaper on Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:09 am

Name of Character: Reg, his last name is of unknown origins.

Age Of Character: 23.

Desired Nation: Air

Character Personality: Reg is a rather lone-wolf but he can be stern and quick to protect things he cares about.

Character Background: Reg was born and raised by the southern air temple's kind monks who taught him the ways of airbending which he with seemingly ease accelled at. He was regarded as quiet talented yet he always wanted to see beyond the high mountains that surronded the temples, by the time he had mastered what little basics they offered he was twenty-three and ready for his journey. He now remains at the temple awaiting his chance to leave, tho the teachings of the monks were taught to him at a rather young age his weapon is a more deadly form of the staff/glider that the airbenders usually use, he carries a large pair of scissors on his back with a length of red rope fluttering down.
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