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Koga Kinoske

Post by Koga Kinoske on Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:32 am

Name of Character:Koga Kinoske

Age Of Character:18

Desired Nation:Fire

Character Personality:A happy go lucky additud with a hint of apsint-mindedness.Always loves a good fight but dose not wish to kill any liveing cratcher unles needed to.Dosnt try to hard but always gets the job done just take alot longer then anyone els, not to mention a complainer, the only thing that keeps him motevated is lots of food and fighting.He will still fight even if he knows he will lose the battle.

Character Background: Koga is an was orphin from a pore small village in the Fire Nation, he often dreamed of becomeing a strong worrior just like jubei yagyu. So he left his village and trained for 11 years travleing from village to village chalenging any swordsman he could find. He later bacam an outlaw takeing waht he won in duels and doing what he loved most pissing people off.Other then a few brokin bones his enames live to tell who beat them so mroe will come for a fight.After a few years of cracking skulls he overhears that is childhode idle has fallen at the hands of a demon. Now fuled with reveng Koga seeks for ultimet power to distroy the the deamon.While on his quest for power he finds an old sword smith, the swords smith offers koga to make him a sword if he would be his apprintes.Koga agreas to the obligation, after months of tranig and hard work the old swords smith foges two sword for koga befor the old man pased away.Koga lives one useing the same sword the old man forged he named them Karasu, and Gaikotsu named after his brother and sister.
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Re: Koga Kinoske

Post by Fire lord Daisuke on Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:35 am

Accepted and enrolled in the fire nation.
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