The Legendary Roku

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The Legendary Roku

Post by LT.Roku on Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:39 am

Name of Character:Roku

Age Of Character:18

Desired Nation:Fire nation (Leader of the Southern Raiders
Character Personality:Roku is a man of his word and work,he love to take contoroll of other tribes of whiping them out,an enjoy's killing

Character Background:Roku grew up under the household of the firelord, The firelord was very strict about firebending and wanted Roku to become a greater firebender when he passed on. So every day Roku and his father would train hard learning somthing new every day until Roku's 17th birthday, that day his father had committed suicide but Roku and only Roku thought that he was murdered and that one day will find the truth and kill the person that killed his father.

So one Roku had joined up with the Southern Raiders group in search of info about his father's death, killing any one that stood in his way and tried to stop him. Til this day Roku dreams to become the fire lord an be just like his father evil,damanding,and the best fire bender alive O.o(2+ paragraphs)

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Re: The Legendary Roku

Post by Kain Matsudo on Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:45 am

um, sure your accepted
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